About Us


Our Company

 Dill Cabinetry owes its existence to a heritage of quality-minded craftsmen. My father, F. Kennard Dill (pictured above), joined his brothers Joseph Irving and William Edward when they formed The Dill Company (Dilco) in the mid 1930's in Baltimore, MD. In their shop on Gay St., they made high quality Christmas train garden houses and other novelties. They sold to local department stores and had a Fifth Avenue, New York wholesale sales office. F.A.O. Schwarz was a customer. Their products are now prized treasures to those fortunate enough to find them at swap meets and antique stores. 


What We Do

  For the past forty years, we have served homeowners, contractors, museums, architects and designers, building a wide range of projects - including fire and water damage insurance restoration, custom cabinets, furniture and millwork, as well as general commercial and home remodeling. We are very proud to be our customer's one-stop-source for the very finest in design, manufacturing and installation.


  Dianne Dill, a specialist in the field of interior design, guides the course of many projects. Her skill ensures our work reflects the ultimate blend of color, form and function. Dianne's invaluable contribution is evident in every completed project. Our customers have come to rely on her for excellent, no-nonsense advice in coordinating all the design elements of their project.


Thank you to all our cherished customers, who have made our success possible