The Cooler

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欧美 日韩 国产 另类 图片区 

欧美 日韩 国产 另类 图片区 

Additional Features?

The cooler features sturdy handles for easy gripping and carrying, fits most truck brackets, and its bright green color enhances visibility for safety.

Made in the USA

The Double Cooler is proudly made in the USA.


Start Strong! Finish Strong!!

With double cooler.

Usage Ideas

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How to Clean Your Cooler?

For first time use, clean with warm water and dish soap. ?Make sure cooler is completely dry before storing in a cool place out of the sun.

欧美 日韩 国产 另类 图片区 Pre-load double cooler with ice and beverage a few hours prior to use allowing it to chill the beverage, then add ice as needed.

THINGS TO CONSIDER. Smaller cubed ice will chill more quickly. Once the cooler is in use and needs more ice, empty the ice water just enough to allow for the added ice, keeping as much ice water as possible will help with it’s performance. Air is the enemy as ice is consumed to chill the air…so keep the lid closed as much as possible.


Product Specs?

double cooler product code: DC7

Product Description: 7 gallon beverage cooler

UPC Code: 856411004003 ? ? ? ?Size: 16.936L x 13W x 21.29H

Box Size: 14.5 x 13.5 x 21.4 ? ? ? ?Weight: 10.4 lbs

Pallet: 36 to a pallet, 48 x 48 x 94, 400 lbs w/skid


TO ORDER….. “CLICK”…. on any Current Retailer

double cooler was introduced in the US in early 2015. Contact us today to become a retailer now and be a part of the Next Generation Cooler. Start Strong, Finish Strong with double cooler. ?Get yours today!

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